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Beyond the Press: A Journalism Watch Playlist

By Kevin Beerman / May 17, 2019

We’ve shared a lot of ideas about journalism on our stages over the years. Here are a few of the highlights about how journalism is changing over the years.

Can Journalism Survive the Digital Age?

From clickbait to fake news; from social media videos to interactive storytelling, the digital age has fundamentally changed the way that journalism works.

How Did People Lose Trust in the News, and What’s Next?

This fascinating Eli Pariser interview is a must for anyone interested in the new world of fake news, Facebook algorithms and news bubbles. In it, Eli Pariser breaks down how trust plays into our consumption of news, why people share things as a way of expressing their identity and other crystallizing revelations about the way we understand the world through social media.

Submersion Journalism

Amber Lyon is not your typical journalist. She submerges herself in the stories, sacrificing personal safety and routine for the sake of truth and justice. Here, Amber tells the powerful story of turning her camera into a weapon.