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Zachary Kaufman
BHSI Fellow; Co-Founder & CEO, Vera Solutions
Jennifer Kavanagh
Senior Political Scientist & Associate Director, Arroyo Center, RAND Corporation
Tom Kelley
Partner, IDEO
Ray Kelly
Former Commissioner, New York City Police Department
Ellie Kemper
Actress & Author, “My Squirrel Days”
David Kennedy
Director, Center for Crime Prevention and Control, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Patrick Kennedy
Founder, The Kennedy Forum & Co-Founder, One Mind
Robert Kennedy
President, Waterkeeper Alliance Works
Norman Kerr
Vice President, Violence Prevention Initiatives
James Ketchell
Serial Adventurer, Pushing Limits Limited
Brad Keywell
Founder & Chairman, Chicago Ideas and Founder & CEO, Uptake
Anthony Khan
Producer & Songwriter
Imran Khan
Executive Director & Founder, EMBARC
Shahid Khan
Owner, Jacksonville Jaguars
Eesha Khare
Young Scientist Award Winner, Intel International Science & Engineering Fair; Student, Harvard University
Josh Kilmer-Purcell
Best-selling Author; Co-Founder, Beekman 1802
Ayanna James Kimani
Stylist & Costume Designer
Charles D. King
Producer; Founder, MACRO
Peter King
Senior Writer, "Sports Illustrated"
Tim King
Founder & CEO, Urban Prep Academies
Chuck Klosterman
Essayist; Author, "But What If We're Wrong?"
Ryan Knighton
Timothy Knowles
Pritzker Director, University of Chicago Urban Labs
Nick Kokonas
Founder & CEO, Tock; Co-owner, The Alinea Group: Alinea/Next/The Aviary/Roister
Rocky Kolb
Dean of Physical Sciences, University of Chicago
Ben Kolmann
Kay Koplovitz
Founder, USA Networks
David Korins
Emmy Award–Winning Creative Director & Designer, David Korins Design
Greg Kot
Co-Host, Sound Opinions
Andrew Kotchen
Principal & Founder, workshop/apd, Founder, SpruceBox
Akshay Kothari
Co-founder & CEO, Pulse
David Kramer
President, Freedom House & Former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights & Labor
Wayne Kramer
Founder, Jail Guitar Doors USA
Sallie Krawcheck
Co-Founder & CEO, Ellevest
Nicholas Kristof
Columnist, "The New York Times"; Pulitzer Prize–winning Journalist; Best-selling Author
Maria Krysan
Professor & Head, Department of Sociology & the Institute of Government & Public Affairs, University of Illinois at Chicago
Kang Kuan
Executive R&D Chef, Tyson Foods & Culinary Ninja, Tyson Innovation Lab
Maria Teresa Kumar
Founding President and CEO of Voto Latino
Viney Kumar
Winner, Google Science Fair 13-14 Age Category; Founder, Alwaysvin
Sarah Kunst
Founder & CEO, Proday
Bill Kurtis
Chicago's Own
Victoria La Mala
Singer & Songwriter
Emmanuel Lagarrigue
Senior Vice President, Buildings & Partner Business Units, Schneider Electric
Logan LaHive
CEO, Belly
Bun Lai
2013 James Beard Nominated Chef
Mitch Landrieu
Former Mayor, New Orleans; Author, "In the Shadow of Statues"
T Lang
Choreographer & Founding Department Chair, Spelman Dance
Jessica Lange
Award-Winning Actress
Jeanne Laskas
Author, "Hidden America: From Coal Miners to Cowboys, an Extraordinary Exploration of the Unseen People Who Make This Country Work"
Diane Latiker
Founder & CEO, Kids Off The Block
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