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Estelle Laughlin
Author & Survivor
Nicole Lazzaro
Founder & President, XEODesign
Ann Leary
Lilly Ledbetter
Advocate & Author, "Grace & Grit"
Ingrid Fetell Lee
Founder, The Aesthetics of Joy
Malcolm Lee
Nonresident Senior Fellow, John L. Thornton China Center, The Brookings Institution
Eric Lefkofsky
Co-Founder and CEO, Tempus, Co-Founder and Chairman, Groupon
Kenny Leon
Tony Award–Winning Director
Ted Leonsis
Managing Partner, Revolution Growth; Founder, Chairman, Majority Owner & CEO, Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Massimo Lepore
Co-Founder, TAMassociati
Tracy Letts
Pulitzer Prize-winning Writer; Tony Award-winning Actor & Writer
Max Levchin
Founder, HVF; Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, PayPal; Chairman, Yelp
Taisaun Levi
Poet, Young Chicago Authors
Daniel Levitin
Dean of Arts & Humanities, Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute
Rod Levy
Founder & Executive Director, Code Platoon
Claire Lew
CEO, Know Your Company
John Lewandowski
BHSI Fellow; Founder & CEO, Disease Diagnostic Group
Edward Lewis
Author, "The Man from Essence"; Co-Founder, Essence Magazine
J. Lewis
Children's Poet & Laureate
Randy Lewis
Senior Vice President for Supply Chain & Logistics, Walgreens
Rep. John Lewis
American Icon in the Civil Rights Movement; Author, "March: Book One" & "March: Book Two"
Anne Libera
Director of Comedy Studies, The Second City & Columbia College Chicago
Leah Libresco
Gabriel Lifton-Zoline
Chief Operating Officer, RYOT
Ben Lillie
Director, The Story Collider
Heejae Lim
BHSI Fellow; Founder & CEO, TalkingPoints
Nancy Lindborg
President, United States Institute of Peace
Katie Linendoll
Technology Expert
Chris Lintott
Astronomer, Adler Planetarium & University of Oxford
Eric Liu
Co-Founder & U.S. Executive Director, Bayes Impact
Dr. Livio
Astrophysicist, Space Telescope Science Institute; Author
Phyllis Lockett
CEO, Leap Innovations
Kirsten Lodal
CEO & Co-Founder, LIFT
Ronnie Lott
Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee
Captain Lovell
Former Naval Aviator & NASA Astronaut
Amory Lovins
Chairman & Chief Scientist, The Rocky Mountain Institute
Lauren Lubin
Producer, "We Exist"
Nancy Lublin
Founder & CEO, Crisis Text Line
JJ Lueck
Software Engineer, Google
Susan Lund
Director of Research, McKinsey Global Institute
David Lynch
Filmmaker; Founder, David Lynch Foundation
Amber Lyon
Investigative Journalist & Photographer
Darienne M. Page
Senior Community Affairs Manager, Lyft
Dena M.D.
Director, Laboratory of Neuroscience & Aging, University of California–San Francisco
Tiffany Ma
Lifestyle Personality
Marlo Mack
Writer, Podcaster & Mom
John Mackey
Co-Founder & CEO, Whole Foods Market
Rebecca MacKinnon
Co-founder, Global Voices Online; Senior Research Fellow, New America Foundation
Alain Macklovitch (A-Track)
DJ, Producer, & Founder, Fool’s Gold
Dave Macklovitch (Dave 1)
Musical Artist, Chromeo; Creative Director, Fool's Gold
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