Richard Berk


Professor of Statistics and Criminology, University of Pennsylvania

Richard A. Berk is a professor in the Departments of Statistics and Criminology at the University of Pennsylvania. He works on a variety of topics in applied statistics, including how best to forecast criminal behavior and crime victimization. His forecasting procedures are being adopted by a number of criminal justice agencies. Professor Berk's most recent book is Criminal Justice Forecasts of Risk: A Machine Learning Approach.



Wednesday, October 10

Criminal Justice: Beyond the Verdict

We are filled with a deep fascination of our legal system, the psychology of crime, and the mind and motives of a criminal. But do we trust the... read more
Speakers: Raymond Bonner, Kamala Harris, Richard Berk, Shawn Henry, Eva Paterson
Owen Theatre @ Goodman Theatre 170 N. Dearborn Street

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