Chris Bliss


Comedian, Variety Artist & Writer

Comedian Chris Bliss?s running commentary on our increasingly irrational world falls in the tradition of American satire from Mark Twain to Jon Stewart. His recent TED talk, ?Comedy As Translation?, explored how humor facilitates communication by circumventing preconceptions. Chris?s nonprofit,, expects to dedicate America?s first monument of the Bill of Rights this December, at the Arizona Capitol in Phoenix.



Saturday, October 13

Comedy: What's So Funny?

Humor is a universal language - it brings people together, satirizes current events, breaks down barriers, and makes the mundane interesting. But... read more
Speakers: Chris Bliss, Seth Reiss, Will Tracy, Jena Friedman, Megan Amram, Brian Babylon
Edlis Neeson Theater at the Museum of Contemporary Art 220 East Chicago Avenue

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