LZ Granderson


Contributor & Senior Writer, ABC & ESPN

LZ Granderson is an ABC contributor and a senior writer for ESPN. A journalist for nearly 20 years, Granderson has worked for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The South Bend Tribune and The Grand Rapids Press. He is a former Hechinger Institute fellow, and his commentary has been recognized by the Online News Association, the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.



Thursday, October 15

What Would Shakespeare Tweet?

In the 16th and 17th centuries, Shakespeare invented over 1,700 English words, creating a cascade of effects on spoken and written language.... read more
Presented by Comcast NBC Universal
Speakers: Deborah Fallows, Kory Stamper, Dana Suskind, Dan Emodi, LZ Granderson, David J. Peterson
Venue SIX10 610 S. Michigan Ave.
Thursday, October 16

Race in the Media

Advertisements, television and news coverage all provide a mirror on the deeply ingrained, often unconscious biases still present in our society.... read more
Speakers: LZ Granderson, Beau Basel Beaudoin, Ph.D., Desiree Rogers, Salim Akil and more speakers to be announced
Morningstar 22 W. Washington St.
Wednesday, October 15

Work: Work Like A _______

This is not your average professional development session. Learn how to boost your own productivity by working like a philosopher, MMA fighter,... read more
Presented by Sterling Partners
Speakers: Christian Madsbjerg, Bonnie Curtis, Rich Franklin, Leroy Chiao , LZ Granderson
Thorne Auditorium 375 East Chicago Avenue
Tuesday, October 09

Identity: What Makes Me...Me?, Presented by MSL Chicago

How do we become who we are? Is our personality determined by genetics and the wiring of our brains at birth, or built over time through memory and... read more
Speakers: Hanna Rosin, Baratunde Thurston, LZ Granderson, Brooke Magnanti, James Fallon, Eric Daigh
Owen Theatre @ Goodman Theatre 170 N. Dearborn Street

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