George Crabtree


Departments of Physics, University of Illinois at Chicago & Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory

George Crabtree is a distinguished research scientist who has written and spoken widely on the research frontier in materials science and its impact on energy, technology, innovation and competitiveness. He holds joint appointments at University of Illinois at Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, with a special interest in the role of scientific breakthroughs in shaping our economic and energy future.



Tuesday, October 09

Energy: Scalable Solutions

What would the world look like without oil? Can we prevent another influx of natural disasters? Will our planet run out of water? Environmental... read more
Speakers: Philip Warburg, Tom Szaky, Deborah Sawyer, James Bradfield Moody, George Crabtree, Robyn Beavers
Edlis Neeson Theater at the Museum of Contemporary Art 220 East Chicago Avenue

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