Akshay Kothari


Co-founder & CEO, Pulse

Akshay Kothari is the co-founder and CEO of Pulse, the award-winning application that makes it easy to consume news on mobile phones, tablets and computers. Frustrated by his own news reading experience, Akshay designed Pulse while he was a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. In less than two years, Pulse has grown to be a leader in the space with over 20 million users. He gets excited about the potential of brand advertising, and is working closely with publishers and brands to make this happen on Pulse.



Wednesday, October 10

Future of News: What's the Story? Presented by TIME

How will the news industry change over the next decade as we become an increasingly social media driven, paperless, and global society? In... read more
Speakers: Jonah Peretti, Richard Stengel, Akshay Kothari, Lara Setrakian, Chris Hughes
Albert Theatre @ Goodman Theatre 170 N. Dearborn Street

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