Joe McGinniss


Author, The Rogue: Searching For The Real Sarah Palin

The visual image is replacing the written word as the basic unit of communication.

Over the course of forty years, Joe McGinniss has published eleven books. In every decade of his unconventional career he?s written a book that became a classic, each transcending its genre: The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin is destined to become the fifth for the author. McGinniss?s approach to his subject matter is always original and his books are never less than compulsively readable.



Wednesday, October 12

CIW Talk: TIME Presents: Future of News

The culture of news has never been so pervasive, nor so debated, as it is today. Who are our most trusted sources?professional journalists,... read more
Speakers: Ayman Mohyeldin, Joe McGinniss, James Warren, Evan Ratliff, Kara Swisher, Richard Stengel
Museum of Broadcast Communications 360 North State Street

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