Kara Swisher


Co-Executive Editor, AllThingsD

Kara Swisher currently co-produces and co-hosts Dow Jones' D: All Things Digital, with Walt Mossberg. It is a major high-tech conference with interviewees such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many other leading players in the tech and media industries. The gathering is considered one of the leading conferences focused on the convergence of tech and media industries. She and Mossberg are also the co-executive editors of a tech and media Web site, AllThingsD.com.



Tuesday, October 09

Disruptive Innovation: Reinventing Our World, Presented by TIME

How do individuals disrupt the status quo with an idea or invention that refuses to abide by the rules, opening the world up to something entirely... read more
Presented by TIME
Speakers: Steve Case, Judith Rodin, Bre Pettis, Aza Raskin, Kara Swisher, Richard Stengel, Dan Rosensweig, Elaine Chang
Oriental Theatre 24 West Randolph Street
Tuesday, October 09

Web: Life Online, Presented by Cars.com

The Internet has revolutionized how we live, shop, communicate, travel, eat, play games and learn. On a whole, has it improved lives or taken over?... read more
Speakers: Deb Roy, Christopher Soghoian, Jim Gilliam, Kara Swisher, Eric Lefkofsky, Luis von Ahn
Edlis Neeson Theater at the Museum of Contemporary Art 220 East Chicago Avenue
Wednesday, October 12

CIW Talk: TIME Presents: Future of News

The culture of news has never been so pervasive, nor so debated, as it is today. Who are our most trusted sources?professional journalists,... read more
Speakers: Ayman Mohyeldin, Joe McGinniss, James Warren, Evan Ratliff, Kara Swisher, Richard Stengel
Museum of Broadcast Communications 360 North State Street

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