Cy Khormaee


Microsoft Imagine Cup Winner, 2011

The award-winning Lifelens team, Wilson To, Cy Khormaee, Tristan Gibeau, Jason Wakizaka, and Helena Xu participated in the 2011 Imagine Cup, creating an innovative point-of-care tool to diagnose malaria on smart phones. Lifelens was inspired by the conviction that simple solutions, once created and implemented, have the possibilites of creating tremendous changes and ripples in the world.



Wednesday, October 12

CIW Megatalk: Tech & Web

Don?t miss out on the chance to hear directly from the internet gurus who brought you the ultimate group discount, free online music, and more.... read more
Speakers: Ted Leonsis, Peter Barris, Travis Kalanick, Cy Khormaee, Wilson To, Tim Westergren, Gian Fulgoni, Bruce Mau, Bo Fishback, Mitch Lowe, Eric Lefkofsky, Julie Novack
Thorne Auditorium 375 East Chicago Avenue

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Chicago Ideas Week Oct 17 – 23, 2016

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