Justin Dillon


Call+Response / Slavery Footprint

The film [Call + Response] ended up becoming its? own metaphor where the call becomes the content and the response becomes what people do with it.

Justin is the director of the documentary Call + Response, a film about modern day slavery. Currently, Justin is working with the State Department?s Office to Monitor and Combat Human Trafficking to create the first ever ?Slavery Footprint.?



Wednesday, October 12

CIW Talk: Film

Cultural revolutions, modern day slavery, gang violence, and disease outbreak. Regardless of the subject each of our featured filmmakers chose to... read more
Speakers: David Weissman, Jigar Mehta, Justin Dillon, Ricardo Williams, Eddie Bocanegra, Ameena Matthews, Zak Piper, Fisher Stevens
Gene Siskel Film Center 164 North State Street

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