Jigar Mehta


Co-Founder, 18 Days in Egypt

We realized that what we were about to build was not a one-off project, but a platform that could be used as a new way of storytelling.

Jigar Mehta is a documentary filmmaker and a journalist. He is currently working on developing a collaborative storytelling platform, 18 Days in Egypt is its first project. Previously, Mehta worked as a video journalist for The New York Times where his passion for telling stories through strong characters and accurate reporting was formed. He believes in collaboration and community-building, and as president of the South Asian Journalist Association, he has fostered programs that reflect those ideals.



Wednesday, October 12

CIW Talk: Film

Cultural revolutions, modern day slavery, gang violence, and disease outbreak. Regardless of the subject each of our featured filmmakers chose to... read more
Speakers: David Weissman, Jigar Mehta, Justin Dillon, Ricardo Williams, Eddie Bocanegra, Ameena Matthews, Zak Piper, Fisher Stevens
Gene Siskel Film Center 164 North State Street

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