Kirsten Lodal


CEO & Co-Founder, LIFT

Kirsten Lodal is the Founder and CEO of LIFT, an organization committed to helping low income individuals realize transformational change in their lives. Kirsten is committed to changing the conversation about poverty in the US from one about arbitrary income thresholds to one about genuine well-being and quality of life. Kirsten is a graduate of Yale University, an impassioned social justice advocate, and a proud wife and mother of one.



Tuesday, October 09

Giving: One Matters, Presented by United Airlines

One dollar, one hour, one click. One matters. Despite a struggling economy, charitable giving has been on the rise. Now more than ever, one person... read more
Speakers: Jean Case, Michael Carter, Brad Newman, Andrew Young III, Sonya Jackson, Valerie Lies, Edward Norton, Helene Gayle, Kirsten Lodal, Valerie Lies
Albert Theatre @ Goodman Theatre 170 N. Dearborn Street

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