Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D.


President, Heroic Imagination Project

Heroes are special because they put their put their best selves forward in services to humanity. Heroes make personal sacrifices for the good of others.

Philip Zimbardo is one of the world’s most distinguished living psychologists. He has served as president of the American Psychological Association and is best known for his controversial Stanford Prison Experiment. His current passion is The Heroic Imagination Project, a nonprofit dedicated to creating everyday heroes.



Thursday, October 15

Genius: A Peek Inside the World’s Most Brilliant Minds

What’s the mark of a true genius? CIW features the scientists, writers, athletes and business leaders whose ideas are so groundbreaking, so... read more
Presented by TransUnion
Speakers: Emily Bear, Robert E. Fischell, Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D., Jennifer Eigenbrode, Ph.D., Eric Becker
Cadillac Palace Theatre 151 W. Randolph St.
Thursday, October 13

CIW Talk: Heroes

How easy it is for good guys to turn bad? Extraordinary individuals examine the characteristics of good and evil and how we, too, can become heroes.
Speakers: Bill Strickland, Jerry Mitchell, Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D., Rob Warden, Ricardo Williams, Eddie Bocanegra, Ameena Matthews
Edlis Neeson Theater at the Museum of Contemporary Art 220 East Chicago Avenue

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