Dave Winfield


Major League Baseball Executive & National Baseball Hall of Fame member

Almost 2 million kids per year play this game of baseball - more than any other sport. It is a foundation of America.

Dave Winfield has been hailed as one of the greatest athletes ever to play professional sports. Winfield is the only athlete ever to be drafted by four professional teams. He is currently a studio analyst for ESPN Baseball Tonight, ESPN News and SportsCenter. A board member of the San Diego Padres, Winfield continues in professional baseball as executive vice president/senior advisor.



Saturday, October 15

CIW Talk: Baseball & Tradition

What does America?s love of baseball say about our culture, and why does the game continue to enamor and define us? The historic Wrigley Field... read more
Speakers: John Thorn, Adrian Burgos, Jr., Bob Tewksbury, Chad Harbach, Gunny Harboe, Dave Winfield, Ernie Banks
Wrigley Field 1060 West Addison Street

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