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Jim Sullivan

Vice President, Discovery, AbbVie
Jim Sullivan, Ph.D., vice president for discovery at AbbVie, leads a global team of scientists who work to identify potential new treatments for a variety of devastating diseases including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, hepatitis C and a number of autoimmune disorders. In addition to being an executive sponsor for the AbbVie Women in Science organization, Sullivan is also a member of the Executive Licensing Steering Committee, the Scientific Governing Board and the Research and Development Leadership Team, which has responsibility for the advancement of compounds in all stages of development.Dr. Sullivan has advanced more than 100 compounds into clinical development across a number of disease states including recently approved medicines for the treatment of cancer and hepatitis C. He has authored or co-authored more than 130 scientific publications and is an inventor on 11 patents. He is an adjunct professor in the department of pharmacology at Northwestern University and is on the board of a number of companies and foundations including Calimmune, Alector, Regis Technologies, Accelerator, BIO, MATTER and C2ST.