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Meika Hollender

Co-Founder, Sustain Condoms
Meika Hollender is the co-founder and marketing manager of Sustain Condoms, a brand she launched with her father, Seventh Generation Co-Founder and CEO Jeffrey Hollender. Hollender is a recent MBA graduate of New York University's Stern School of Business, where she was the President of the Social Enterprise Association. As president, she worked closely with the administration and the career development office to help increase the focus on social impact and sustainability in the curriculum and career development process. Prior to matriculating at Stern, Hollender worked at the brand strategy and design firm Sterling Brands. During her MBA, Meika also worked in Johnson & Johnson’s consumer products division as a Sustainability Summer Associate. Some of Hollender’s other accomplishments include co-authoring the book "Naturally Clean", as well as her work with Sustainable Health Enterprises and Women for Women International.