Brooke Skinner Ricketts


Brooke Skinner Ricketts is an innovative and influential marketer with a history of deep impact. Currently, she puts this expertise to use as the chief marketing officer at In this position, Skinner Ricketts leads all marketing functions across the pioneering. On the day to day side of things, Skinner Ricketts leverages her an industry leading track record for optimizing marketing effectiveness and implementing forward-thinking brand strategies to ensure that is the trusted choice for automotive consumers and advertisers alike.

More broadly, though, Skinner Ricketts is a full stack marketer with a passion for creating products that evolve experiences and brands that inspire and delight. Before joining in 2016, Skinner Ricketts led brand strategy for influential firms like Avant and Twitter. Her capacity to devise blueprints for making large organizations personally significant is a noted hallmark of her approach.


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