Orrin Murray

Director of Technology and R&D, UChicago Impact

Orrin T. Murray is the director of technology and R&D for UChicago Impact. Working across a portfolio of tools, he serves as the primary link between researchers, domain experts and technology experts. Drawing on his computer industry experiences and learning sciences training, at UChicago Impact, Murray has developed and launched innovative data visualizations applications. His current interests push into the contemplative practices and social/emotional learning in education arenas and in the application of cognitive computing/machine learning to address teaching and learning challenges. Prior to UChicago Impact, Murray held a joint faculty appointment in Curriculum and Instruction and Learning, Design and Technology at Penn State.

Bringing the power of personal digital technologies to bear on problems of practice in K-12 has been a focus of Murray’s over the last several decades. From working with leading education researchers at the University of Michigan to sales and marketing roles at Apple and several startups, Murray has grown his understanding of how digital technologies can improve public education. His publications have considered the impact of technology in education from the personal to the organizational. He has provided consulting services to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, Microsoft and Educational Testing Services.

Dr. Murray has a PhD in Learning Technologies from the University of Michigan, an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia and an undergraduate degree from Williams College.


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