Paul "DJ White Shadow" Blair

DJ, Producer & Music Director, W Hotels

Paul Blair (DJ White Shadow) is a Grammy-nominated music producer, writer, publisher, and brand ambassador who’s also been the recipient of Clio Awards and numerous other accolades. As DJ White Shadow, he’s performed all over the world, including residencies in Japan, the UK, Spain, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and his current home, Chicago. He’s created with the likes of Common, Rachel Platten, Sia, Estelle, Pitbull, DNCE, Austin Mahone, and—of course—Lady Gaga. Gaga’s long-time collaborator, Blair has written and produced many of her most legendary songs and albums, including “Born This Way” and her latest release, “The Cure,” which went platinum. Considered a disruptor in the music industry due to this unique ear and sound, Blair has been a part of over 14 million records sold, but he’s always stayed true to his hard-working roots, lending his hand and knowledge to several tech and hospitality startups as a serial entrepreneur. He’s also the Global Music Director for The W Hotel and the owner of Maxwell & Carter Publishing, a multi-platinum, award-nominated publishing company. He’s produced movie soundtracks including My Little Pony: The Movie, continues to collaborate with Lady Gaga on her sixth solo release, and is working on his debut major-label release, slated for early 2019.


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