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Are We Really Polarized? Jon Meacham & Michael Eric Dyson Weigh In


The state of American politics is tribal. Not long ago, the notion of “party over country” was a fringe mentality—now it’s becoming more and more of the norm. A whole host of factors have led to the fractured state of the nation, but it’s clear that establishment leadership on both sides of the aisle are at least in part to blame. Still, political polarization isn’t new. At this Conversation, we’ll bring key figures together to view the current state of politics through the lens of history, and examine how the missteps of the old guard of American politics is shaping a new generation of activists and candidates alike. With the midterms around the corner and the 2020 presidential race not far off, expect to leave this event with a more nuanced understanding of America’s political past, where political discourse is headed, and the role of civic engagement in healing the divide.


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